Tucker's is committed to providing the freshest and safest raw diets available and we make food safety a priority. 


In developing Tucker's formulas, we work with 3 out of the 10 PhD Zoological Nutritionists in the world. With their strong background in carnivore nutrition and focus on a canine's/feline's hardwired nature to eat raw meat, these are the leading experts and have helped us create our 95/5 raw diets.

95/5 Diets

All Tucker's Raw Frozen and Freeze-Dried Formulas are 95/5: 95% meat, organ, bone, and marrow with 5% pumpkin.


Muscle Meat









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Vitamin Pack


Pumpkin is a great low glycemic fiber source. It offers digestive support that is especially helpful when transitioning your pet to a raw diet. We do not believe that dogs and cats need extra fruit or vegetable carbohydrates in their diets as they aren't as digestible.

All Products Emulsified for Maximum Nutrient Absorption

One of the things we've learned is that you cannot control how quickly food moves through an animal's body. However, by changing the size of the particulate, you can change absorption. Most companies grind and then regrind their product to reduce the product down to a workable size. Tucker's is the only raw company currently emulsifying the entire product.

To make it simple, emulsify is essentially just a fancy term for "puree." By emulsifying our product, it results in an even smaller and more digestible product, providing more surface area. The smaller the particulate, the more accumulative surface area is available for dogs and cats to absorb the available nutrients. With our pets having such a short digestive tract, providing this added surface area allows them to absorb more nutrients from the food in a short period of time.