Tucker's is committed to providing the freshest and safest raw diets available and we make food safety a priority. 

Food Safety

Tucker's is committed to providing the freshest and safest raw diets available and we make food safety a priority. With all our raw foods, we use a Test & Hold Protocol. Batches are sent to an independent lab to be tested for pathogens and the product is only released once the sample results have been confirmed negative. With most of our Frozen Raw Formulas, we HPP (High Pressure Process). We deep freeze our pork and salmon to address any potential parasites and the product is stored for a minimum of 3 days at -30 degrees F. For our Freeze-Dried Formulas, we use probiotics to ensure food safety.

Sourcing & Manufacturing

All Tucker's products are manufactured in our own USDA Human Edible facility in Southeastern Wisconsin. This means that we make food products for people and pets in the same facility. We take a human approach to the animals that we feed. 

Tucker's is one of the few pet food brands made in a USDA Human Edible Facility. Our frozen raw diets and foods are manufactured under USDA oversight on the same production floor where we make human foods for schools, retail stores, and restaurants. 

All meats are USA-Sourced, Human Grade, Human Edible & Federally Inspected.

HPP (High Pressure Processing)

One of the most commonly used methods for helping to keep products free from pathogens in the human food supply chain is HPP. HPP eliminates any harmful bacteria from the food by using cold water at an extremely high pressure. Since there is no heating or cooking involved, the food retains nutritional value.


We use HPP on most of our Frozen Raw Formulas.

Formulas That Undergo HPP

  • Chicken-Pumpkin Formula

  • Beef-Pumpkin Formula

  • Turkey-Pumpkin Formula

  • Pork-Duck-Pumpkin Formula

  • Turf & Surf Formula

  • All Frozen Raw Cat Formulas

Formulas Do NOT Undergo HPP

  • Salmon-Pumpkin Formula

  • Pork-Beef-Pumpkin Formula

  • Pork-Lamb-Pumpkin Formula

  • Pork-Bison-Pumpkin Formula


We use probiotics for food safety in our Freeze-Dried Formulas.

Probiotics control pathogens by consuming and blocking their food source. This ensures a safe product while providing the digestive benefits of probiotics and keeping a true, pristine raw diet.

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