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Raw Food Safety

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Tucker's is committed to providing the freshest and safest raw foods available for dogs and cats and we make food safety a priority. Food safety starts with the quality of your ingredients and Tucker's takes great care in using the highest quality, human grade meats sourced exclusively in the United States. All our products are held to human food standards and growth hormones are illegal by USDA standards in pork and fowl.

Test & Hold

With all our raw foods, we use a Test & Hold Protocol. Batches are sent to an independent lab to be tested for pathogens and the product is only released once the sample results are confirmed negative.

High Pressure Processing (HPP)

One of the most commonly used methods to help keep products free from pathogens in the human food supply chain is High Pressure Processing (HPP). HPP eliminates any harmful bacteria from the food by applying cold water at an extremely high pressure. Since there is no heating or cooking involved of any kind, the raw food retains nutritional value.

Deep Freezing

To address any potential parasites in our pork* and salmon, we deep freeze the product. The product is stored for a minimum of 7 days at -45 degrees F.

*There are a lot of misconceptions about pork being "dirty" and unsafe for pets. Over the past decade, pork in the USA has undergone a lot of changes and trichinosis has been eradicated.

Probiotics for Freeze-Dried Safety

For all our freeze-dried formulas, we use probiotics for food safety. Probiotics control pathogens by consuming and blocking their food source. This ensures a safe product in lieu of High Pressure Processing (HPP).

High Pressure Processing (HPP)

Raw Frozen Formulas that undergo High Pressure Processing:




Turf & Surf


All Feline Diets

Raw Frozen Formulas that are NOT High Pressure Processed:




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