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Manufacturing & Sourcing

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Made in Wisconsin

Tucker's products are manufactured in Southeastern Wisconsin. We are one of the few pet food brands made in a USDA Human Edible Facility.

This means that we make food products for people and pets in the same facility and take a human approach to the animals that we feed. Our products are manufactured under strict USDA oversight on the same production floor where we make human foods for schools, retail stores, and restaurants.

All meats are USA-sourced, Human Grade, Human Edible, and Federally Inspected.

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Tucker's works to support local farms and many of our ingredients come from Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Our salmon is wild-caught from the Pacific Northwest.

Humane Ingredients

We love all animals and will NOT support any companies that do not treat their animals with respect and humanity. All suppliers must comply and provide us with a third-party audit regarding animal wellness. These audits include how animals are handled, housed, cared for, and their overall health. Animals are not to be overcrowded in chutes or pens and must be allowed to roam.

Chelated Vitamins & Minerals

Our vitamin pack is 0.01% of our formulas. To put this into perspective, we add only 2lbs of this vitamin pack for every one ton (2,000lbs) of food that we make. The vitamin pack we use is a custom mix developed specifically for our products to ensure that every formula is complete and balanced for dogs or cats per AAFCO. The vitamins and minerals are sourced from North America and Europe and taurine is sourced from Japan.

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