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Where does Tucker's make its products?

All our products are made in our family owned facilities located in southern Wisconsin.

Where are your proteins sourced?

All of Tucker's proteins are inspected and sourced from the USA. We put special emphasis on trying to reduce our carbon footprint and support local farms. We do this by sourcing many of our ingredients from IL, IA, MN and WI.

Where is your salmon sourced?

Our salmon is wild-caught and comes from the Pacific Northwest.

Is pork safe for dogs? Is salmon safe for dogs?

With pork and salmon, we deep freeze these proteins to address any potentially harmful parasites. The product is stored for a minimum of 3 days at -30 degrees Farenheit.

Does Tucker's offer coupons or a frequent buyer program?

Tucker's does offer a frequent buyer program at particpating retailers. Please contact your local retailer for more information on particpating in the program.

Can I buy directly from you?

Due to the complexities involved with shipping raw frozen products, we do not currently offer a direct buy program.

Do you HPP your product?

Below are Formulas that undergo HPP (High Pressure Processing) and those that don’t: HPP Beef-Pumpkin Turkey-Pumpkin Chicken-Pumpkin Turf & Surf Pork-Duck-Pumpkin Not HPP Pork-Bison-Pumpkin Pork-Lamb-Pumpkin Pork-Beef-Pumpkin Salmon-Pumpkin

Why does Tucker's use so much plastic?

We actually don't use more plastic than other companies. Most companies HPP (High Pressure Process) their food in 10-20 lb vacuum sealed packages. This product is then brought back to their facilities to be shaped into patties. The product is reintroduced to people and equipment and the plastic is thrown away. Instead of throwing away the required film, Tucker's uses it to benefit product freshness and consumer convenience, while avoiding the risk of recontamination.

Do Tucker's Cat Formulas use Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex?

Tucker's does not use Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex in our diets. We did list it as an ingredient on our first run of packaging/website, but chose to not use it in our formulas when we launched the product. All packaging is being updated to remove the ingredient listing as it is not used in our diets.

Why does Tucker's vacuum seal each patty?

With HPP (High Pressure Processing), product MUST be vacuum sealed in food grade plastic/film. Unlike most other companies, we take a human food approach to using HPP and vacuum seal each individual serving. This allows us to HPP our 4oz and 8oz patties in their final packaging and ensure they're never opened prior to use. This is the same way juices, dressings, dips, and other meats are processed before going to your local grocery store.

What is HPP (High Pressure Processing)?

One of the most commonly used methods for helping to keep products free from pathogens in the human food supply chain is HPP (High Pressure Processing). HPP eliminates any harmful bacteria from the food by using cold water at an extremely high pressure. Since there is no heating or cooking involved, the food retains it's nutrients. Here is a short video that explains what HPP is and how it works:

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