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9 Useful Ways to Repurpose the Tucker's Thaw Tray

Have you ever wondered what the small black tray included in each 6lb bag of Raw Frozen is? Have you felt wasteful when you didn't actually use it for Tucker's food? We're sharing a variety of ways to repurpose the thaw tray around the house that are actually very helpful!

First off, it's important to share why we include a thaw tray in each 6lb bag in the first place. Tucker's was created to make raw feeding easy and remove any barriers for pet parents. Not everyone may feel comfortable handling raw product but that shouldn't stop their pet from eating quality raw nutrition. Between the individually wrapped patties and the thaw tray, we've designed our Raw Frozen Formulas so that you don't ever actually have to touch the product if you don't want to. The thaw tray also provides you with an option to thaw the product in so you don't have to use your own dishware.

Now that we've explained the logic behind the thaw trays, here are 9 ways to repurpose the thaw tray around your house*:

*Be sure your thaw tray has been cleaned and sanitized before reusing (it's top-rack dishwasher safe)

Organize your dog's medication/supplements on the counter.

Organize the items on your bathroom counter.

Hold sponges on the kitchen sink.

Use it as a candy dish.

Store your jewelry.

Keep your remotes in one place so you don't lose them.

Keep all your writing utensils in one place so they aren't rolling around your desk.

Put it in the shower to organize your products.

Organize small baking items in the pantry.


Tucker's products are available at neighborhood pet stores. Contact your local retailer directly for product selection and availability!

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Patricia Walker
Patricia Walker
21 sept 2021

and I filled mine with wet plaster and made a hand print of my granddaughter's little 4 year old hand. 🐾 and a paw print too.

Me gusta

21 sept 2021

I use these trays for repotting succulents!

Me gusta
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