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Why Your Dog Needs a Bone

Tucker's Raw Frozen Bones are a great item for any dog for a number of reasons. Learn all the benefits of our bones!

7 Benefits of Raw Frozen Bones

Quality Entertainment

Raw Frozen Bones offer your dog important mental stimulation and enrichment. This fights boredom and keeps them busy.

Durable and Long Lasting

Frozen bones are great for hours of fun and durable for soft and tough chewers alike.


Bones are naturally rich in beneficial minerals like calcium and phosphorus.


Raw bones make a great babysitter! Keep your dog busy when company is over or use it as a helpful distraction during stress triggers like thunderstorms or strangers.

Great for All Dogs

From puppies to seniors, small breeds to large breeds, Tucker's offers a variety of bones (available in beef, bison, and lamb) to fit all size dogs. Frozen bones are also great for teething puppies.


The act of chewing or gnawing on a bone exercises your dog's back, neck, and jaw muscles.

Smart Packaging

Tucker's uniquely packages each Raw Frozen Bone to reduce freezer burn and ice crystals.

Tucker's Raw Frozen Bones are available at local retailers. Find a store near you here. We recommend contacting your local retailer directly for product availability or special ordering.


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