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Benefits of Tucker's Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Tucker's Freeze-Dried Raw Formulas offer a unique solution for all dogs. Learn more about what makes our product unique!

3-in-1 Product

Tucker's created our freeze-dried raw diets with both retailers and pet parents in mind. We know you have limited shelf space and don't need individual food, toppers, treats, etc. That's why we designed our freeze-dried raw formulas to be a 3-in-1 product all in just one bag. Feed it as a complete diet, crumble over kibble as a topper, or use as high value treats.

Backed by Zoo Science

Tucker's diets are formulated by PhD Zoological Nutritionists, the leading experts in carnivore nutrition.

Limited Ingredients

With less than 5 primary ingredients in every Formula and many single-source and novel protein options, Tucker's limited ingredient freeze-dried raw diets offer an option for sensitive dogs dealing with allergies or food sensitivities.

95/5 Diet

All Formulas are 95% meat, organ, bone, and marrow with 5% pumpkin.

Pumpkin as a Fiber Source

Pumpkin is a great low-glycemic fiber source that offers digestive support. This can be especially helpful when transitioning to a raw diet.

Highest Quality Meats

Tucker's uses human grade, federally inspected meats humanely and responsibly sourced in the USA. Most ingredients come from local farms in the Midwest and the salmon is wild-caught from the Pacific Northwest.

All Life Stages

All Formulas offer complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages, including large breed puppies. This means that you don't have to worry about switching foods as your puppy grows into adulthood or as your adult ages.

Maximum Nutrient Absorption

Tucker's is currently the only raw company emulsifying the entire product. Emulsify is just a fancy word for puree and results in a smaller and more digestible product. This allows dogs with their short digestive tracts to absorb more nutrients in a shorter amount of time.


Tucker's Freeze-Dried Raw Formulas are available at local pet stores. Contact your retailer directly for product selection and availability.


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