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How to Feed Raw Dog Food

Tucker's Raw Frozen Formulas for dogs and cats are the most economical way to feed a raw diet! However, you may buy a bag, bring it home, put it in the freezer, and then wonder how you should actually feed frozen food. It's easier than you think and we've shared everything you need to know.

How much do I feed my pet per day?

The first step is to locate the Feeding Table on the back of the bag to determine how many ounces you should feed your pet per day. This table serves as an initial recommendation but can be adjusted to meet your pet's individual needs.

20lb Raw Frozen Formulas for Dogs contain 16oz patties

6lb Raw Frozen Formulas for Dogs contain 8oz patties

3lb Raw Frozen Formulas for Dogs contain 4oz patties

24oz Raw Frozen Formulas for Cats contain 4oz patties

How do I thaw the food?

The easiest way to prepare Tucker's Raw Frozen Formulas is to thaw the next day's portions in the refrigerator. There are two main ways to do this:

  1. Keep the patty sealed and simply place it in the fridge.

  2. Open the patty and place it in the thaw tray*

*Each 6lb bag contains a thaw tray. These are recyclable, top-rack dishwasher safe, and BPA-free.

How long can the food stay refrigerated?

As Tucker's Raw Frozen Formulas are 95% human-grade, edible meat, you can treat it no differently than you would any meat you'd buy from a butcher or grocery store. We recommend using the food within 3-4 days of thawing, but use the same smell/see practices as with human meat products!

Have questions? We'd love to help! Contact us here.


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