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Does Tucker's Use More Plastic?

You open a bag of Tucker's Raw Frozen and see that each patty in the bag is individually wrapped and vacuum sealed. You may wonder, "Why does Tucker's use so much plastic?"

The truth is, Tucker's does NOT use more plastic than other companies!

With High Pressure Processing (HPP), products MUST be vacuum sealed in food grade plastic or film. We take a human food approach to using HPP and vacuum seal each individual serving. This allows us to HPP our 4oz and 8oz patties in their final packaging and never open them prior to use.

Most companies HPP their food in 10-20lb vacuum sealed packages. The product is then brought back to their facilities to be shaped into patties. This means that the product is reintroduced to people and equipment and all the plastic is thrown away.

Instead of throwing away the required film, Tucker's uses it to benefit product freshness and consumer convenience, while also avoiding the risk of recontamination. Individually vacuum sealing each patty also helps protect the product from ice crystals and freezer burn.


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