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Raw Food Diet Benefits

Why feed a raw diet? Learn more about the benefits of Tucker's raw food!

Carnivore Nutrition

Cats and dogs are carnivores. Raw food offers them a diet that resembles what their ancestors ate in the wild and what their bodies were designed to eat.

Clean, Limited Ingredients

There are no fillers or anything artificial in Tucker's raw diets. All our formulas are 95/5, meaning they consist of 95% human grade meat, organ, bone, and marrow, plus 5% pumpkin. This limited ingredient list works well for pets with food allergies or sensitivities.

Whole Body Health

When feeding your pet a raw diet, you may notice visible differences in their skin and coat, teeth, energy levels, and digestion.

Maximum Nutrient Absorption

Tucker's is the only raw company currently emulsifying the entire product. Emulsify (technically just a fancy term for "puree"), results in a smaller and more digestible product for cats and dogs with their short digestive tracts. Cats and dogs are able to absorb more nutrients from our food compared to other companies who grind and regrind their product down to a workable size.

Raw Means Raw

Our raw diets remain in their natural raw state. We never apply any sort of heat that could destroy beneficial nutrients.

Complete and Balanced

All Tucker's formulas offer Complete & Balanced nutrition for All Life Stages (including large breed puppies). This means that you never need to worry about supplementing further as our diets contain appropriate amounts of the vitamins and minerals your pet needs. Plus, you can feed the same diet throughout your pet's life, from puppy or kitten to senior.


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