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Tucker's Launches Sustainable Packaging!

Less packaging, more sustainable, same formula.

Tucker's, the leading provider of premium Raw Frozen and Freeze-Dried food for dogs and cats, has redesigned the packaging of its raw frozen 6-pound bags to be more environmentally friendly, using less plastic and packaging.

“By consciously reducing our packaging and eliminating our thaw tray from the bags we have reduced our plastic weight by 50 percent,” said Founder Jeff Kalish. “We completely understand the importance of protecting the environment and sustainability is something we continually strive toward and work to improve.”

Tucker’s places special emphasis on trying to reduce their carbon footprint and work to support local farms by sourcing all their meats from local Midwest farms and wild-caught salmon from the Pacific Northwest.

Tucker’s expects to begin rolling out the new sustainable packaging in the next few weeks and will continue throughout Q2. This will be a seamless transition, requiring no UPC change.


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