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How to Feed Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

Tucker's Freeze-Dried Raw Formulas offer the same 95/5 diets as our Raw Frozen but in a much more convenient form! Freeze-Dried Raw is easy to feed, lightweight, and perfect for on-the-go. We're sharing all the different ways to feed our versatile product!


Tucker's Freeze-Dried Raw Formulas are Complete and Balanced for All Life Stages (including large breed puppies). Refer to the Feeding Table on the back of the bag and add the recommended number of bars to your dog's bowl. You can keep the bars whole or break/crumble them.

If you feed the bars dry as-is, make sure your dog drinks plenty of water at mealtime. We recommend rehydrating the food with water to ensure your dog gets moisture from their meal. To rehydrate, crumble the bars and add 1/4 cup water for every 12 bars. Mix and serve!


We always say that even a little raw goes a long way and using our Freeze-Dried Raw as a topper to your dog's kibble is a great way to incorporate it in the diet! Easily crumble a number of bars over your dog's food and watch your dog enjoy. Be sure to adjust their main food accordingly to avoid overfeeding.


Our freeze-dried raw is formed in a unique domino-like shape that makes it easy to use as high value treats for training or rewarding. The bars also hold together well and don't easily crumble so you can put them in your pocket or to-go bag for your walks or adventures!



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