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Celebrating 13 Years of Tucker's

In the summer of 2009, Tucker's began in the back of a truck. Today, Tucker's is still providing the same top quality and safe raw nutrition for dogs and cats and is proud to be one of the few family-owned pet food companies with our very own USDA facility. Learn what makes Tucker's different!


To this day, Tucker's remains a family-owned company. We love our pets like we love our family and we are committed to making the the highest quality raw diets for your own best friend.

Our Own Facility

Tucker's makes all our raw products in our very own USDA facility in Wisconsin. This allows us to have complete control over our manufacturing and processes to produce the safest, most nutritious diets.

Highest Quality Meats

The meats we use in our diets are all human grade, human edible, and federally inspected, just like any meat you'd buy from your local grocery store or butcher.


We responsibly and humanely source all our meats from the USA. We actively work to reduce our carbon footprint and source many of our ingredients from local farms in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Our salmon is wild-caught from the Pacific Northwest.

Zoo-Based Science

In formulating our raw diets, we work with 3 out of the 10 PhD Zoological Nutritionists in the world. These are the leading experts in carnivore nutrition and have helped us create our 95/5 diets.

Maximum Nutrient Absorption

Tucker's is currently the only raw company emulsifying the entire product. Just a fancy word for "puree," emulsifying our product allows cats and dogs to absorb more nutrients from their food in a short period of time.

Fresh Frozen

Tucker's individually wraps and vacuum seals each 4oz and 8oz frozen patty for safety, freshness, and convenience.


Tucker's products are available at local retailers. We recommend contacting your local store directly for product selection and availability.


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